Liberation Life Coaching

According to Brené Brown, shame needs three things to thrive:



& Judgment

and the key to it's demise:


Shame doesn't survive being spoken, being shared which is exactly why we're

living out loud


1-on-1 Coaching

It may seem like your life is spiraling out of control right now and no peace in site but you're stronger than you think you are. You can have a new sense of courage, freedom and peace. You'll be reaching for what you've always wanted in life and love, regardless of all circumstances. I can show you how.

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Courageous Disclosure Masterclass

You don't have to keep your secrets hidden in the closet anymore. It's time to liberate yourself and live the life you've always desired.

Learn how to powerfully disclose your STD status with potential partners. 

Join this group of beautiful women who are committed to living out loud. Free the woman you know you are in the Courageous Disclosure Masterclass.

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