My Imaginary Argument

Do you ever have imaginary arguments with people?

Like, “if my roommate slams that door one more time I’m going to say…” or “if he leaves those dishes in the sink I will ask him about the dishes fairy…”

Sometimes, when I’m sharing about herpes my brain automatically takes me to, “some people won’t like this and they’ll probably have something to say,” so I kind of rehearse what I would say back…here’s a snippet of this very healthy, very human exercise from an exchange that has never happened :)

I don’t speak any judgement that compares me to anything other than being human. I don’t assume that I am “better than” or “have more figured out” than you or anyone else, and I’d hope you’d give me the same courtesy. We’re all humans doing out best, learning as we go. Some of us need different kinds of help than others (we all need help); some of us need different kinds of community (we all need community); some of us need different kinds of love (we all need love). Our commonality is human - let’s start there.


Don’t come at me as if you’re more human than me because you don’t currently have an STI - because the circumstances of your life’s lessons have been different from mine. Don’t invalidate my experiences and existence because you haven’t lived them and might not understand it. I don’t belittle you for anything difficult you’ve had to face in your life - I’d ask for the same consideration from you.