Rebranding Weakness as Humanity

What if instead of the question, “what is your greatest weakness,” they asked you, “how does your humanity show up in your work?”

Or, if tears were just a sign of sadness, compassion, empathy, anger - you know, those regular human emotions - as opposed to weakness.

And how about if mistakes and failures weren’t seen as weakness at all, they were just, humans being human, figuring out how life works best for us, cause, let’s face it - there is no one answer to the question, “what is the best way to go about living life.”

We are often so set in perceiving difficult tasks and chapters in life as struggles that don’t belong, rather than what they are - a necessity. We learn first-hand through our own experiences and we learn second-hand through those of others.

So instead of thinking that we are weak, what if we simply thought, we are human. We learn. We grow. There is nothing wrong with not getting something ”right” the first time; or crying at work (regardless of your gender identity); nothing wrong with being afraid so long as you learn from it and get into action anyway - reflect, and figure out what lesson you can take from each experience, not as a badge of shame, or failure. As a badge of courage. Your humanity badge.