This Woman Wants To Inspire Other People With Herpes To "Live Out Loud"

This Woman Wants To Inspire Other People With Herpes To "Live Out Loud"


Hear about ours:

"I came to the meet up because I was tired of feeling alone and wanted to know that there were more people with hsv2. Talking to people at the first meet up wasn't the easiest for me but hearing people out made me open up. I met many great people and they gave me a safe space and showed me that I was not alone."

"I reached out to Love Profound because I knew I couldn't cope with my diagnosis alone and I believed that being around others who knew exactly what I was feeling would help me deal with what was now my life."


"I've had herpes for over three years now, and had only shared my secret with the person who gave it to me and my best friend. For over three years, I had never spoken to anyone about it, I felt so alone and not one person had a clue of what I was going through. I joined a Facebook group, which for me it really wasn't that helpful until one day Devin posted a meetup group location, I was so nervous to go but somehow got the courage to attend and I am beyond grateful that I did. I met amazing people going through the exact situation that I was going through, and finally realized that I'm not alone. I felt so comfortable that as soon as I started telling my story I started crying, but not of sadness; more of a relief that I finally met a group of people that I can relate with and not feel ashamed and slowly but surely I am becoming more comfortable speaking to others about herpes."

"My first encounter with Devin meant everything to me because it was actually the first time I was able to see someone with my own eyes that was dealing with the same issue and had it all together. It meant to me that I would be okay. My encounter with Devin - I'm specifically referring to her drive, excitement for the future, optimism about still living her best life and just overall positive energy - showed me I can live with this diagnosis and I can be happy. It doesn't define me and it doesn't have to have control over me if I don't let it."